Sequestration Resource Kit

Status of Legislation

H.R. 6365 - National Security and Jobs Protection Act 
*Passed the House of Representatives 

H.R. 5652 - Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act of 2012
*Passed the House of Representatives 

H.R. 5872
 - Sequestration Transparency Act    
**Signed by the President into law on August 7, 2012
*Passed by the House and Senate

H.R. 3662 - House Down Payment to Protect National Security Act

S. 2065 - Senate Down Payment to Protect National Security Act


  • H.R. 3662 - Bill Text

    H.R. 3662, the Down Payment to Protect National Security Act, is legislation introduced by Armed Services Committee Chairman, Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon. The bill pays for one year of sequestration (defense and non-defese). It is fully offset with sensible cuts. (HR 3662 Bill Text.pdf - 135.4 KBs)
  • H.R. 3662 - Fact Sheet

    (Down Payment to Protect National Security Act Fact Sheet.pdf - 147.1 KBs)
  • AIA Commends Effort to Modify Sequestration

    (AIA Statement on Sequestration Bills.pdf - 19.1 KBs)
  • S. 2065 - Bill Text

    S. 2065, the Down Payment to Protect National Security Act, is the Senate companion to H.R. 3662 introduced by Senators Kyl, McCain, Graham, Cornyn, Ayotte, and Rubio. Like the House version, the Senate bill pays for one full year of sequestration. The bill has a slightly different offset. (S. 2065 Bill Text.pdf - 134.3 KBs)
  • S. 2065 - Fact Sheet

    (Senators Introduce Sequestration Fix.pdf - 132.8 KBs)
  • Heritage Foundation Praises Senate Bill to Avert Sequestration

    (Heritage Memo Supporting Senate Sequestration Fix.pdf - 1.8 MBs)
  • House Budget Resolution - Reprioritizing Sequester Savings

    The House-passed Budget Resolution initiates a “reconciliation” process, whereby certain House Committees would propose changes to current mandatory spending programs in order to generate a specified amount of savings. The savings generated from these reforms to mandatory programs would first be used to offset the cost (approximately $78 billion)[1] of replacing the automatic across-the-board discretionary spending cuts that are scheduled to occur on January 2, 2013, under what is known as sequestration. The additional savings achieved through reconciliation beyond the $78 billion (over $180 billion in the next ten years) would further reduce the deficit. (Reprioritizing Sequester Savings -- Budget Committee.pdf - 223.3 KBs)
  • House Budget Resolution - Defense Fact Sheet

    (Providing for the Common Defense - Budget Committee.pdf - 103.6 KBs)
  • AEI, Heritage, and FPI Support House Budget on Defense

    (Ryan Budget Protects Defense.pdf - 22.7 KBs)

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