How Can I Help You?

As a Member of Congress my staff and I may assist you and make inquiries on your behalf as to the status of your case with a federal agency or department.  While I can assist you in bringing your case to the attention of the proper officials and guide you through the process, I cannot direct an agency to decide a matter in your favor.  The agency must make its decision within the framework of the law and existing rules and regulations.

All state and local issues must be addressed to the appropriate state and local Official.  If you are unsure of your state and local Representatives my staff will assist you in obtaining this information.

Please know that my office will do all it can to assist you in all areas possible, however; I cannot intervene with an ongoing criminal investigation or any issue within the Judicial Branch of government.   

Requesting Inquiries

In order for an inquiry to be made on your behalf you must fill out and return this Privacy Act Release Form.

Please include your address, home phone number and daytime phone number if different from your home. Also provide copies of any documents and correspondence that you may have from the agency involved which may be helpful to your case. Do not include original documents as they may not be returned. Finally, make sure to include a letter describing your difficulties and the outcome you wish as a result of the congressional inquiry.

Federal agency inquiries are initiated from my District Office. Please send or fax your documentation to:

Rep. Adam Smith
2209 Pacific Ave, Suite B
Tacoma, Washington 98402
(253) 593-6600
Fax (253) 593-6776

For additional information, you may be able to find the answer to your questions at the appropriate agency website. Below is a list of many federal agencies. If you are trying to contact a federal agency and the website is not below, contact my office and my staff will be happy to assist you.

Federal Agencies

Education Department

FCC - Federal Communications Commission

Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Internal Revenue Service

Department of Labor



Office of Personnel Management

Passport Service

Postal Service

Social Security Administration

State Department - Visas

Department of Veteran's Affairs

Housing and Financial Support