James E. Clyburn

James E. Clyburn


Rep. Clyburn is the Assistant Democratic Leader, the number three Democrat in the House of Representatives. He represents South Carolina's 6th District.

Washington, DC · http://assistantdemocraticleader.house.gov

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Will Bashir at 4pm today. Time for posturing is over. American people voted for action on econ growth, job creation and tax fairness.

Welcome news. Unemployment down, job growth up. need a budget deal to grow econ, create jobs & ask wealthiest 2% to pay their fair share.

I urge all Members of House -- Republicans and Democrats -- to sign Discharge Petition for immediate action on middle class tax cut.

Time is now for action. Republicans must compromise on a fair and balanced plan to reduce the deficit, grow economy and create jobs.

President Obama ran on his economic vision and won the election by some 5 million votes.

Jack Brooks refused to sign the segregationist "Southern Manifesto" in 1956 and helped write the Civil Rights Act of 1964. RIP, Mr. Chairman

House Republicans would be wise to follow the lead of Rep. Cole and give tax cut to 98% of Americans and resolve this mess they created

Democrats embrace our nation's diversity. House Republicans' all-male lineup of committee chairs shows they are woefully out of touch.

I join President Obama in his call on Congress to pass a middle class tax cut bill right now.

One of the highest honors of my life to receive the Lewis-Houghton Leadership Award from the Faith and Politics Institute last night.

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