Rep. Barton sends his holiday well-wishes to members of the Armed Forces overseas

Washington, DC: Rep. Barton (R-Ennis/Arlington) released the following statement after recording a Christmas message for the troops. The Pentagon Channel will air it worldwide on the Armed Forces Network:

"As Americans all over the country gather with their families and friends to celebrate the holidays this season, it is important to remember our brave men and women serving overseas. They sacrifice their comforts, time with their loved ones, and in many sad cases, their lives for us to have the opportunity to celebrate the holidays peacefully. Families in Texas pray for their service members every day, and this holiday season, many dinner tables will be left with empty seats.

Luckily, the Pentagon Channel gave Members of Congress the opportunity to record individual messages of thanks and holiday greetings to our service men and women overseas. The messages will be broadcasted worldwide and will hopefully lift the spirits of those who miss home the most. I was honored to do my part in letting the members of our Armed Forces know we're thinking about them this holiday season. We appreciate all that they do and hope for their speedy return back to us."

If you're interested in sending your own holiday message to the troops, visit the Red Cross website at: