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Space and Science

We Californians take pride in our contributions to the space and technology accomplishments of our country.  We know first hand that American investment in science and technology has led to the creation of new competitive enterprise and industrial expansion with an increased civilian workforce.  American aerospace has played a tremendous economy-building role right here in California and throughout the country.  During his tenure in office, Rep. Rohrabacher has fought for policies that encourage development of space-based assets and fostered technology solutions to problems inhibiting prosperity.

Rep. Rohrabacher plays an active role in Congress insisting that our limited space dollars are used wisely and private sector investment and international cooperation will enable us to maintain a sustainable space program.

As former chairman of the Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee, Rep. Rohrabacher advocates orbital fuel depots- or "gas stations" in space.  These depots enable us to use existing rocket systems instead of depending on one gigantic overly expensive rocket.  This will permit our nation to create new jobs based on new technologies and new enterprises while getting America back to real human exploration and a profitable utilization of space.

The continued development of domestic commercial crew and cargo launch services to low Earth orbit is one of the key short-term components Rep. Rohrabacher has championed.  The major companies developing these launchers, primarily located here in southern California, will help us make use of the International Space Station without relying solely on Russian rockets to launch us into space.  He also strongly opposes cooperation with China in space endeavors.