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Despite all the rhetoric and decades of posturing, our southern border remains operationally unsecured, and unemployment remains unacceptably high, and yes, the massive flow of illegal aliens into our country remains unabated.  Recently, the Department of Homeland Security issued memos directing ICE agents to use "prosecutorial discretion" when apprehending illegals and determining who should be on track for deportation.  These memos not only ignore the rule of law and congressional intent but the will of the American people by seemingly endorsing a backdoor amnesty by decree.  There are currently 300,000 pending deportation cases under review where there's a strong possibility, under the current policy, non violent illegal aliens will be allowed to remain in the United States and likely granted employment authorization.  The U.S. government cannot continue to send such mixed messages that it is acceptable to break our immigration laws without consequence and expect the illegal immigration invasion of our country to cease.

Rep. Rohrabacher vigorously opposes any attempt to legalize the status of millions of illegals and continues to support common sense immigration policies that serve the American people first.  This year, Rep. Rohrabacher has co-sponsored bills to end birthright citizenship, declare English as the official language, strengthen the E-verify program requiring employers to check the work eligibility of all applicants, and introduced H.R. 1822, the No Health Care Subsidies for Illegal Immigrants Act.  Rohrabacher's bill would prevent illegal aliens from receiving health insurance subsidies under the new health care law by requiring proof of citizenship for eligibility.