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Homeland Security

Homeland Security

Immediately following his election to the House in November 1988, Congressman Rohrabacher became a leading proponent for disaster mitigation. His twelve-year leadership brought successful completion of the Santa Ana River Flood Control Project in December 1999, resulting in mitigation of the 100-year flood threat, and relief from mandatory flood insurance for the residents and businesses in the tri-county floodplain.
In February 1990, Congressman Rohrabacher was the critical liaison between local officials and federal agencies during the American Oil Trader tanker oil spill off the Huntington Beach coast. Following this incident, he advocated legislation that resulted in the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 – The Tanker Double Hull legislation.

In 1997, the Congressman became a pioneer in the terrorism preparedness field when he launched a series of Terrorism and Emergency Management programs. These programs are designed to educate emergency response providers and policymakers. Since 9/11, more than 4000 people have participated in a variety of Homeland Security symposia, seminars, education and training events. Continuing education credit is available for most of these activities.

In recognition of his long-term commitment to emergency management, and significant contributions to improve public safety and homeland security, the Emergency Preparedness Commission for the County and Cities Of Los Angeles awarded Congressman Rohrabacher the 2003 Award Of Merit.

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