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I believe that Americans have a fundamental right to seek access to health insurance and that the government should not inhibit individuals from seeking that access. While America offers some of the best technology and knowledge in healthcare, there are too many who simply cannot afford health insurance. There is clearly a health care crisis in this country, caused by rapidly rising costs that are the result of outdated and inadequate policy.

Changing the Tax-code

Specifically speaking, I believe our tax code should be shifted so as not to place an emphasis on employer-based healthcare, but instead, on individual control of health care. The tax code currently encourages businesses to pay for their employee’s healthcare by exempting businesses from having to pay payroll taxes on these benefits. Because of this, health insurance is all too often attached directly to the individual’s employment, instead of the individual. In many cases, individuals who lose their job will not only have a sudden decrease in income, but will completely lose all of their health benefits.

By shifting the tax incentives to individuals instead of businesses, we can create an environment in which health insurance is portable (health insurance follows the individual, instead of staying with the business of employment), while still covering pre-existing conditions. Health insurance tied to businesses also limits the choice of consumers to plans that have been chosen by their employer. I would like to see an environment where individuals would be at liberty to choose the health insurance plan that best suits their needs.

Keeping Illegals Out

There has also been much discussion about having public plans as a fundamental part of healthcare reform. My concern is that if we have a public option, it will be inevitable that illegal immigrants will receive benefits from the system. If we are to be able to afford the type of health coverage we want for our own people, we must be able to say “no” to those who have not contributed to the system. Every dollar spent on healthcare for illegal immigrants is a dollar less available for your family and mine.

Finding Solutions

I am committed to comprehensive health care reform and am currently considering a variety of proposals that have either been introduced, or are being discussed in the Senate and House of Representatives. As your elected Representative, I have a duty to ensure that the constituents of the 46th District are not inhibited by their government from seeking and accessing health insurance. Expanding access to high quality health care can be done in a way that doesn’t saddle the taxpayer with higher taxes and the government with higher debt, and I will work with my colleagues to achieve such a plan.

I am firmly committed to working with all parties to find solutions that provide genuine access to affordable, quality health care for every American. The time has come for reforms that will create a balanced, common sense approach guaranteeing that Americans receive the care they deserve while protecting the sacred doctor-patient relationship. Now is not the time to play politics with health care. I pledge to you that I will continue to reach out to all sides to achieve what matters most: affordable, accessible, doctor-patient-centered health care. Below you will find links to various solutions that I am taking a look at. I invite you to read through them and let me know what you think.

(Note: These are not necessarily proposals Congressman Rohrabacher has endorsed; rather, they are examples of various Republican proposals that have been introduced)

Healthcare in the news:

It is difficult to turn on the television without hearing about healthcare. Below are some links that I have found helpful in developing my positions.