Press Releases

December 4, 2012


WASHINGTON – U.S. House Assistant Democratic Leader James E. Clyburn released the following statement about the fiscal situation and today’s filing of a Discharge Petition on the middle-class tax cut:

“When the so-called Supercommittee failed last year to overcome the obstruction of the Tea Party Republicans to achieve a fair and balanced plan for deficit reduction, economic growth and job creation, I said that it would take a decisive national election to settle the matter.  I believe President Obama’s victory on November 6th was very decisive and pretty definitive. 

“During the campaign, President Obama very clearly laid out his vision and budget plans, and the American people strongly affirmed his position.  The President won all but one of the swing states, 62 percent of in the Electoral College and carried the popular vote by more than four and a half million votes.  Democrats added to our numbers in the House and Senate and captured a House popular vote majority by more than a million votes. 

“The letter Speaker Boehner sent the President yesterday is more of the same obstructionism.  The time for posturing is over.  It’s time for House Republicans to accept the expressed will of the American people and get beyond their pledge to a special interest lobbyist here in Washington, D.C.  Earlier today House Democrats have introduced a Discharge Petition to force a vote on the Senate-passed middle class tax cut.  The American people have spoken.  It’s now time for action.”