Agriculture: Promoting and protecting America's food from farm to fork

Senator Akaka is a strong advocate of agricultural policies and programs that expand opportunities for farmers and rural communities in order to preserve and strengthen the agriculture, floriculture, aquaculture, and livestock industries, which are critical components of Hawaii's economy.  Senator Akaka will continue to closely monitor federal actions that could affect Hawaii's agriculture as well as champion the national effort to ensure food safety.

Animal Welfare: Ensuring ethical and humane treatment of animals

Senator Akaka is deeply committed to the principle that animals, birds, and marine life not be subjected to cruelty, whether they are intended for food, research, sport, recreation, or companionship.  Senator Akaka has sponsored legislation ensuring non-ambulatory animals in the livestock industry are humanely euthanized and removed from the food supply chain and that cats and dogs sold to research facilities are obtained from legally-licensed sources.

Armed Services: Ensuring our military is ready for current and future challenges

Senator Akaka consistently supports policies and legislation that provide for a strong national defense.  As a senior member of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, he is committed to enhancing the well-being of our servicemembers and their families.  Senator Akaka is also a strong supporter of modernizing, training and equipping our military, including the Hawaii National Guard.

Banking and Consumer Protection:
Educating and protecting consumers and investors

Senator Akaka is one of the leading consumer and investor advocates in the Senate.  As a member of the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, he has helped to develop significant legislation to improve oversight, disclosures, and other safeguards.  His efforts have helped to produce new laws to provide real support and protection from unfair, deceptive, and harmful business practices.

Education: Providing a world-class education for our students

As a former educator, Senator Akaka has worked tirelessly to strengthen education to maximize opportunity and achievement for all in Hawaii and across the United States.  Senator Akaka is a strong supporter of access to higher education and professional training.  Efforts to ensure students are prepared to meet emerging global challenges by increasing educational opportunities in STEM and foreign languages are a high priority.

Energy: Promoting efficient, clean and renewable energy

Senator Akaka is a leader in promoting clean, safe sources of renewable energy such as wind, solar, wave, ocean thermal, biofuel, and hydrogen.  He recognizes the tremendous importance of energy efficiency and the impact of using cleaner energy to alleviate America's dependence on foreign oil.  He supports increased energy efficiency, increasing fuel efficiency standards for automobiles, and advocates for hydrogen fuel cell and smart grid technologies.

Environment: Preserving and protecting our lands, waters, and skies

Senator Akaka's policies on natural resource issues are guided by values instilled from a young age that stressed aloha for others and the importance of living in harmony with nature.  His deep respect for the environment and values that promote stewardship of the environment - from the mountains to the sea - guide his legislative agenda to preserve and protect public lands, wilderness areas, oceans, and living creatures on land and in the sea.

Federal Employees: Making the Federal government the Nation's employer of choice

As Chairman of the Senate Federal Workforce Subcommittee, Senator Akaka is a leader in Federal employee issues and a champion of Federal workers.  Senator Akaka appreciates the dedication and sacrifice that Federal workers demonstrate every day.  He works to advance policies to attract, retain, and motivate the skilled workforce needed to meet the challenges of the 21st Century and make the Federal government the Nation's employer of choice.

Financial Literacy: Advocating economic and financial education

Senator Akaka is a longstanding champion of financial literacy.  He is a former educator who recognizes the value of high-quality education and a consumer advocate who sees the ever-present need to improve consumer safeguards.  Senator Akaka understands the importance of being financially literate and making informed decisions about personal finances.

Good Government: Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Federal government

Senator Akaka has led efforts in Congress to improve the management and efficiency of the Federal government.  As Chairman of the Oversight of Government Management Subcommittee, he has sparked initiatives with U.S. Government Accountability Office to reform government programs at risk for waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement.  Senator Akaka also played a critical role in enacting landmark legislation that overhauls the entire performance management framework for the Federal government.

Health Care: Ensuring access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans

Senator Akaka has been a longstanding champion of an improved health care delivery system nationally, and recognizes the unique challenges and needs of Hawaii.  Senator Akaka is focused on eliminating health care disparities, particularly with regard to Native Hawaiians, Native Americans, and other underrepresented populations.  He voted for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and will continue to support efforts to build on this landmark health reform law.

Homeland Security: Securing the Nation against terrorism and natural disasters

Senator Akaka is a senior member of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.  He plays a key role in developing critical homeland security legislation and conducting thorough oversight of the Executive Branch agencies charged with protecting our nation.  He is committed to ensuring that homeland security programs are efficient, effective, and transparent, and that Hawaii's unique homeland security needs are met.

Housing: Ensuring affordable access to housing

Greater and more affordable access to housing is an urgent need in Hawaii, where housing costs are among the highest in the nation and too many individuals are homeless.   As a member of the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, Senator Akaka is mindful of the distinct challenges that the people of Hawaii face and works to provide additional housing opportunities for the people of Hawaii.

Indian Affairs: Honoring the United States' responsibility to its First Peoples

Senator Akaka has served on the Committee on Indian Affairs throughout his Senate career, and he became the Chairman of the Committee in the 112th Congress.  For more information on Senator Akaka's views, priorities, and the committee calendar, please visit: Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

Jobs and the Economy: Keeping Hawaii on a path to recovery and prosperity

While financial markets continue to recover and financial institutions are regaining profitability, Americans are still confronted with the challenges of finding work, managing debt, and providing for their families.  Senator Akaka understands the need to provide economic relief to the people of Hawaii and across the country by creating jobs, restoring economic stability, and promoting economic growth. 

Native Hawaiian Federal Recognition: Extending parity in federal recognition

While Congress has traditionally treated Native Hawaiians similarly to American Indians and Alaska Natives, the federal policy of self-governance and self-determination was never formally extended to Native Hawaiians.  Senator Akaka has worked tirelessly to bring parity in the United States' treatment of all its indigenous peoples.  He remains steadfast in his efforts to protect the rights of all, and will continue to work to bring parity to Native Hawaiians. 

Non-Foreign COLA Update: Achieving retirement Equity for all federal workers

Senator Akaka has worked tirelessly to achieve equity between the retirement benefits for Federal employees in Hawaii, Alaska, and the Territories and their Mainland counterparts.  On January 1, 2010, employees in non-foreign areas began receiving locality pay under his legislation.  Senator Akaka is committed to overseeing the transition from non-foreign COLA to locality pay.

Privacy: Defending the privacy rights of all Americans

Senator Akaka is a leader in defending the privacy rights of the people of Hawaii and all Americans.  He values the strong cultural and legal protections in Hawaii, where the right to privacy is enshrined in the State Constitution.  Senator Akaka is committed to upholding these values in Hawaii and strives to hold the Federal government to the same high standards.  He will continue to investigate activities that infringe on personal privacy rights.

Social Security: Protecting the Nation's most successful insurance program

Senator Akaka, a member of the newly created Defending Social Security Caucus, knows that Social Security, the nation's most successful insurance program, has never added a penny to any budget deficit.  The Senator is committed to ensuring that this program, which is actuarially sound and projected to remain so until 2037, continues to serve as a critically important social safety net for the nation and Hawaii.

Taxes: Improving taxpayer protection and assistance

Senator Akaka represents the interests of low-income, hardworking taxpayers, and those who are unfamiliar with the tax code.  He continues his efforts to protect the hard-earned wages of working families and individuals with low to moderate incomes.  Senator Akaka also understands the importance of protecting taxpayers and continues to work on ensuring adequate safeguards and protections are in place.

Transportation & Infrastructure: Advancing economic development and public safety

Hawaii has unique transportation needs, due to its central Pacific location and island geography.  Senator Akaka works diligently to obtain resources for essential road projects, needed infrastructure improvements, and transit programs in Hawaii.  He remains a leader on dam rehabilitation legislation and dam safety law.  And, as a member of the Bike Caucus, Senator Akaka also supports bicycling, walking, and riding public transportation to lower traffic and energy use.

Veterans Affairs: Protecting the rights and benefits of our veterans

Senator Akaka is a long-time advocate for our veterans, working to ensure that our veterans receive the benefits they have earned.  As Chairman, he passed landmark measures to provide compensation, education, and medical help to our veterans and their families.  As a senior member of both the Veterans Affairs and Armed Services Committees, Senator Akaka works on critical issues involving both departments, including the veterans' transition from military to civilian life.

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