US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

Lugar: Burma – North Korea Ties Should Be Disclosed

Monday, November 28, 2011

Lugar: Burma – North Korea Ties Should Be Disclosed

Following is Senator Lugar’s statement regarding developments in Burma.

“The United States is appropriately testing the appearance of reforms within Burma. The Congress in 2008 created the position of Special Representative and Policy Coordinator for Burma to explore ways of changing the regime’s behavior. President Obama nominated Derek Mitchell in April of 2011 to assume that role.

The sincerity with which a wide range of reforms has been promised by the Burmese government must be judged by whether the words are followed by actions.

Missing from the long list of good intentions has been reference to the growing relationship between North Korea and Burma, and close cooperation between their two militaries. North Korea is believed to be continuing development of its nuclear, biological and chemical weapons programs. Over five years ago, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was informed and subsequently advised U.S. officials of Burma’s reported intention to develop nuclear weapons in coordination with North Korea. An early goal of the tentative U.S. re-engagement with Burma should be full disclosure of the extent and intent of the developing Burmese nuclear program.”