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  • No Budget, No Pay

    The Blue Dogs have endorsed the No Budget, No Pay Act, which says if Congress doesn't pass a budget, then Members of Congress shouldn't get paid.

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  • Blue Dog Small Business Package

    The Blue Dog Coalition has a plan to help small business owners grow their companies.

    Read more about it here.

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  • Blue Dog Coalition

    Since 1995, the fiscally conservative Democratic Blue Dog Coalition has represented the center of the House of Representatives, fighting for fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets no matter which party is in charge.

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Latest News

House to Vote on Blue Dog-Endorsed Bill This Week

Share December 10, 2012

The U.S. House of Representatives will consider a bipartisan bill this week endorsed by the fiscally conservative, Democratic Blue Dog Coalition that will better protect taxpayer dollars. H.R. 4053, t...

Barrow: Time for leadership, not partisanship

Share December 2, 2012

By U.S. Rep John Barrow, Blue Dog Coalition Co-Chair for Policy Congress has a lot of unfinished work before the end of the year. But if the last election has taught us anything — especially the elect...

Donnelly: AMERICA Works Act Could Lay Foundation For Bipartisanship

Share November 14, 2012

By Sen.-elect Joe Donnelly Congress has work to do. Much of this work will require members to find solutions to some of our nation’s most pressing issues. I think we can all agree that our first prior...