I'm always glad to help constituents who are encountering difficulties with federal agencies. My offices can act as a liaison between the citizens of Florida and the federal government.

If you are having a problem with a federal office, in nearly all cases, it will be necessary for me to have from you a written and signed request for help which will enable a federal agency to relinquish information to me from your file. This is due to the Privacy Act of 1974. The purpose of the Privacy Act is to protect individual rights of citizens by prohibiting the release of personal information about them to unauthorized parties.

The written request should be addressed to Congressman Crenshaw and should state that you give permission for him to look into your concern. Your request can be made in the form of a letter or by completing a casework authorization form. The letter should contain your full name; mailing address; telephone number(s); Social Security number, file number or case number; signature of the person involved; and finally, all pertinent details of the case. It should be specific as to the exact nature of your request and the desired outcome. Also, please include copies of any pertinent documentation.

It is important to know that neither I, nor my staff, can approve a claim or appeal, or compel any agency to act in your favor. Those types of decisions by law are made by the federal agency involved based on the facts of the case. However, I am glad to obtain answers to your questions, to make the appropriate officials aware of your concerns, and to cut through "red tape" you might be experiencing.
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