Cynthia Lummis

Representing Wyoming
Revenue and Spending
Revenue and Spending Without Borrowing
Revenue and Mandatory and Discretionary Spending

Our multi-trillion dollar deficit and debt levels have exploded to historical levels under a President and intent on spending their way out of our nation’s economic problems. Not since WWII has our country seen the deficit as a percent of GDP this high. I believe we must cut spending, not increase it.  For the good of our country and our future, we must make the necessary sacrifices to fix this problem.  

The federal government could stand to learn a thing or two from Wyoming’s state government, which by law operates under a balanced budget. Wyoming continues to save money for future generations with the Permanent Mineral Trust Fund.  As the former Wyoming State Treasurer, I have a great deal of experience operating under a balanced budget and saving for the future.  I intend to use that experience to reshape the way Washington uses your tax dollars.

The American people are making sacrifices in tough economic times and Washington needs to do the same.  To save the value of our currency and assure the world of our commitment to get our fiscal house in order, we must reform Social Security and Medicare (which are headed for insolvency), slash unsustainable deficits, and reduce our national debt. As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I work every day to create a culture of saving, not spending, in Washington.  It is the only way to set our economic ship right again.