e-Alerts: 2012

E-ALERT: Standing Up for a Safe Food Supply and Strong Nutrition Programs

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When we go to the grocery store we expect the food we buy to feed our families is safe and raised responsibly. In a country as affluent is ours, we also expect our safety net to provide assistance to our neighbors who are struggling to put food on their tables. I work everyday to make sure that the federal government is doing its part to meet that standard.

For these reasons, I was honored this week to be recognized by Food Policy Action as one of only 50 Members of the House and Senate to receive a perfect voting record on their National Food Policy Scorecard.  The scorecard is compiled from votes regarding:  protecting nutrition assistance, limiting corporate welfare to large agri-businesses, and improving food safety.

During a time of economic uncertainty like we are experiencing now it is critical that we have strong anti-hunger programs. I’ve worked in this Congress to prevent damaging budget cuts pushed by House Republicans that would slash programs like WIC and Meals on Wheels that provide nutritious food to young children and seniors, respectively. I’ve also fought to protect funding for the Food and Drug Administration so that we have enough inspectors to ensure that our food is safe. I’m also working to reform agricultural policies so that massive, corporate-owned agri-businesses are not receiving taxpayer handouts. This year I helped to finally end the $5 billion annual subsidy for corn-ethanol and I sponsored legislation (H.R. 6098 and H.R. 2487) that would cap wasteful subsidies provided to agri-businesses and save billions.

I will keep working to make sure that our nation has a sound and sustainable food policy.