About the Subcommittee

Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations has responsibility over any matter within the jurisdiction of the Committee, subject to the concurrence of the Chairman of the Committee and, as appropriate, affected subcommittee chairmen. The subcommittee shall have no legislative jurisdiction.

Subcommittee Members

Ranking Member

Jim Cooper

Jim Cooper, Tennessee


  • Jim Cooper, Ranking Member, Tennessee
  • Rob Andrews, New Jersey
  • Colleen Hanabusa, Hawaii
  • Mark Critz, Pennsylvania


  • Rob Wittman, Chairman, Virginia
  • Mike Conaway, Texas
  • Mo Brooks, Alabama
  • Todd Young, Indiana
  • Thomas J. Rooney, Florida
  • Mike Coffman, Colorado


  • Building Language Skills and Cultural Competencies in the Military: Bridging the Gap

    December 2010
    LC Full Report_vF.pdf (5.0 MBs)

  • DOD's Response to Multidrug-Resistant Infections in Military Hospitals

    December 2010
    MDRO O&I Report.pdf (124.1 KBs)

  • A Question of Quality Value: DOD Oversight of Tuition Assistance Used for Distance Learning & For-Profit Colleges

    November 2010
    SnyderWittmanpme115.pdf (101.7 KBs)

  • Transformation in Progress: Enlisted Professional Military Education in the Services

    October 2010
    SnyderWittmanepme.pdf (103.2 KBs)

  • 2010 O&I Report Update and Recommendations on the Defense Travel System

    September 2010
    Defense Travel System Report.pdf (117.3 KBs)

  • Another Crossroads? Professional Professional Military Education Two Decades After the Goldwater-Nichols Act and the Skelton Panel

    April 2010
    PMEReport050610.pdf (8.2 MBs)

  • Update to HASC O&I Report “The Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization: DOD’s Fight Against IEDs Today and Tomorrow”

    March 2010
    IEDReport.pdf (373.3 KBs)

  • Building Language Skills and Cultural Competencies in the Military: DOD’s Challenge in Today’s Educational Environment

    November 2008
    Language and Culture Report 11 08 vF.pdf (6.1 MBs)

  • Agency Stovepipes vs Strategic Agility: Lessons We Need to Learn from Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Iraq and Afghanistan

    April 2008
    PRT Report vF.pdf (2.6 MBs)

  • The Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Oragnization: DOD’s Fight Against IEDs Today and Tomorrow

    November 2008
    JIEDDO Report 11 08 vF.pdf (1.5 MBs)

  • Deploying Federal Civilians to the Battlefield: Incentives, Benefits, and Medical Care

    April 2008
    Civilians on Battlefield Report vF.pdf (5.8 MBs)

  • Stand Up and Be Counted: The Continuing Challenge of Building the Iraqi Security Forces

    June 2007
    Challenge of ISF 06 25 07 vF.pdf (1.9 MBs)

  • Presidential Signing Statements

    July 2008
    Signing Statements Summary Memo 07 15 08 vF.pdf (269.2 KBs)

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