How to reach my Ohio and Washington offices

Painesville: 800-447-0529 or 440-352-3939

Twinsburg: 330-425-9291

Washington, DC: 202-225-5731

U.S. Capitol Switchboard:  202-224-3121 (for any House, Senate or Leadership office, i.e., Speaker Boehner).  For addresses and fax numbers for LaTourette offices, scroll to the bottom of this or any page on my web site.

E-mail Steve about legislative concerns

Fill out the e-mail form below if you have a legislative concern or would like to comment on an issue to me.  You must complete all fields to submit an e-mail.  Be sure to specify the issue from the ISSUES drop down list.

Need Help with Federal Agencies?

If you are having problems with Social Security benefits, the IRS, visas, passports, veterans issues, Medicare, or a federal government agency, and would like to request my assistance, choose the issues below and select to receive a reply.  If you would rather not send an e-mail, you can call or fax my district offices at the numbers listed above.

Have a Scheduling Request?

To invite me to an event or schedule a meeting with me or a member of my staff, fill out the e-mail form below and select Scheduling Request from the ISSUES drop down list.  Please provide contact information and specifics about time, date and location for the meeting or event.

A Note about Mail Delays

Please note that due to heightened security in the U.S. Capitol, mail service to the Washington, D.C. office has been significantly delayed. If you have any correspondence that is time sensitive, please use alternatives such as e-mail, phone, or fax number.

Use our email form to reach Congressman LaTourette

Our contact form sends emails directly to our office. You must be a constituent of Steve LaTourette to use this form.


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