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Washington, DC -- Working Mother media and Corporate Voices for Working Families today announced that U.S. Senator Herb Kohl is the recipient of their first “Visionary Award” for his dedication to helping America’s working families throughout his time in Congress. 

Kohl is also the recipient of the “Best of Congress” award for 2012, the third consecutive time he has been recognized by Corporate Voices for Working Families and Working Mother media and one of only two members of the Senate to receive the award for work in every Congress since the award’s inception.   According to the organization, this year’s winners were judged on “their voting record, sponsorship of legislation, constituent casework, and other activities that demonstrate their commitment to improving the lives of working families.”

Kohl is being honored for his work to expand access to affordable child care, protect food safety, invest in job creation and job training, support education, prevent crime, reduce the costs of health care, defend retirement security, protect the elderly and ensure that consumers have competitive choices for vital goods and services. An overview of some of Kohl’s work considered for the “Best of Congress” and “Visionary Award” can be found here

Yesterday, Kohl introduced legislation to extend tax credits for companies that provide child care to their workforce, an initiative he sponsored in the Child Care Infrastructure Act.  This tax credit was signed into law in 2001.  Businesses can receive a tax credit for building and maintaining a child care center.  Businesses can also receive a smaller tax credit for helping their employees find childcare nearby in the community.  The tax credit will expire unless Congress renews it before the end of the year.

“Child care is a good investment for employer and employee alike,” Kohl said in remarks on the Senate floor.  “Businesses get employees who miss less work to deal with family issues and stay in their jobs longer.  Parents know that their children are safe, sound and close-by while their Mom or Dad is at work.”

Recipients of the Best of Congress award are featured in the August/September 2012 issue of Working Mother magazine and at

In conjunction with today’s awards, the Kohl office will begin to share summaries of Kohl’s legislative record and work on behalf of the people of Wisconsin during his time serving as United States Senator.  From time to time, new summaries will be added concerning a variety of issues and will located here