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The Senate Manchurian candidates

November 12, 2012

In the 1962 film “The Manchurian Candidate,” Staff Sergeant Raymond Shaw is brainwashed into becoming an unwitting accomplice for an international communist conspiracy. Shaw, a good man and a patriot, is conditioned into taking actions that advance a cause that he does not support. Over the past two election cycles, Republican primary voters in several states have been subject to the Manchurian Candidate treatment — helping to hand at least five U.S. Senate seats, and control of the Senate, to the Democratic Party.

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Energy in the Executive: The real record on fossil fuels

October 18, 2012

One of the feats of President Obama's re-election campaign is its ability to describe his record in a way that bears little or no relation to the reality of the last four years. Exhibit A is Mr. Obama's riff on energy at Tuesday night's debate, when he all but ran to the right of Mitt Romney, and maybe Sarah Palin.

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Lake County Sheriff's Department will get 250K COPS Hiring Program (CHP) grant to hire two deputies with military service

September 26, 2012

U.S. Rep. Steven C. LaTourette (OH-14) today announced that the Lake County Sheriff's Department has been selected to receive additional funding beyond the $111 million provided to law enforcement agencies nationwide. Only about a dozen departments across the country were selected for the additional funding, he said

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LaTourette office to host 2012 Military Academy Information Day (1)

September 24, 2012

U.S. Rep. Steven C LaTourette (OH-14) today announced that his office will host an annual Military Academy Information Day on Saturday, Sept. 29.

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Steve's Blog

Ground Zero

The Cleveland Plain Dealer published a story today about the proposed mosque near Ground Zero in New York City. Here is what I shared with the paper: "I question the necessity of the proposed location and think this is more an issue of sensitivity. There must be other venues in New York City that won't trigger such tension and anxiety and are better suited to promote healing."

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Geauga County Fair

I had the pleasure to present a Congressional Proclamation to Geauga County's 2010 Outstanding Senior Citizen of the Year Joseph L. Sanders at the Geauga County Fair.

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Steve's Blog

A Timeline of how the Benghazi attack unfolded


The Wall Street JournaL has published a timeline of the events in BenghazI.

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Early voting hours set in Ohio


After the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the Ohio Secretary of State's appeal of early voting hours, voting hours were set in all 88 Ohio counties.

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