us-flagOrder a flag flown over the Capitol

You can have flags flown over the United States Capitol through my congressional office. Constituents often order flags as gifts to recognize special events or achievements, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or graduations. The practice began 70 years ago.

Flags are flown daily, weather permitting, except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. After a flag is flown, the Architect of the Capitol issues a keepsake Certificate of Authenticity. The Flag Office within the Architect of the Capitol fulfills more than 100,000 flag requests from congressional offices.

If you have a specific date you need to have a flag flown over the Capitol, you should submit your request to my office at least four to six weeks in advance. The largest flag that can be flown is 8 × 12 feet, and only official, American-made flags can be flown over the Capitol. No state flags are permitted. You may also order flags through my office that have not been flown over the Capitol at a considerable savings. All flag prices include postage.

To order a flag(s), you must complete a flag request form and return it to my office:

Congressman Steven C. LaTourette
Attn: Flag Requests
2371 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Please make checks payable to HOUSE OFFICE SUPPLY ACCOUNT #OH1481

Here are flag sizes and prices:

3 × 5 nylon $17 flown or $12.95 not flown
3 × 5 cotton $17.25 flown or $13.20 not flown
4 × 6 nylon $21.50 flown or $17.45 not flown
5 × 8 nylon $26 flown or $21.95 not flown
5 × 8 cotton $29.25 flown or $25.20 not flown

All prices include shipping. Please allow eight weeks delivery on all flag orders.

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