Help with Federal Agencies

Help for Solving Problems with Federal Agencies

Sometimes dealing with the federal bureaucracy is a challenge. My office can help when you run into problems of a federal nature like Social Security, Medicare and Veterans Administration claims, student financial aid, Small Business Administration loans and tax refund issues.  To determine if I can likely be helpful on your individual difficulty with a federal agency, visit my Casework FAQ page.  If you are still unsure whether I can assist you, please contact my Austin office at 512-916-5921.  My staff will discuss your situation with you and work with you to determine the best course of action.

If your issue involves a federal agency and you reside in the 25th Congressional District of Texas, I ask that you fill out a privacy release form which gives my office permission to make inquiries on your behalf. You should also include any other documents or correspondence that you think may be helpful to my office in pursuing your case. My Texas office will contact you after receiving your letter.

Here are some online resources:

Obtaining a Government Document

Many federal documents are readily available on the Internet through the Government Printing Office Web Page, directly from the federal agencies through their respective Web sites, or from the Library of Congress' new Thomas Web server. If you can't find what you need online, however, you should be able to obtain it through one of the following sources or by calling my Texas office at (512) 916-5921.

House Legislative Resource Center

  • Provides most congressional documents free of charge, including copies of bills and concurrent and joint resolutions.
  • To obtain materials, call (202) 226-5200.

Government Printing Office

  • Provides government documents and many non-Congressional materials, including: laws, reports from federal agencies and departments, and copies of the Congressional Record.
  • There is a fee assessed on every order.
  • To obtain materials, call (202) 512-1800.

Federal Deposit Library:

Texas State Law Library
Tom C. Clark Building
P.O. Box 12367
205 West 14th St
Austin, TX 78711-2367
Phone: (512) 463-1722