DEAR COLLEAGUE: A Report on Consequences of Sequestration

October 9, 2012

"This letter will examine the impact of sequestration on the whole range of Federal responsibilities and, I hope, help make the case for Congress to act responsibly by agreeing to a more sensible approach to deficit reduction."

Norm Dicks Floor Statement on the 6 Month Continuing Resolution

September 13, 2012

"While I would much prefer to be doing our regular bills, I support this CR... The CR also preserves the agreement on spending levels and the reforms in budgeting for disaster relief as set out in the Budget Control Act."

Norm Dicks Statement on the 6 Month Continuing Resolution

September 10, 2012

"This stop-gap measure will keep the government operating at a rate consistent with what we agreed to in last year’s bipartisan Budget Control Act. As I’ve said all along, it was inevitable that we would return here and I regret that we spent the greater portion of this year considering appropriations bills that didn’t comply with that hard fought agreement... Although I would much prefer to be considering an omnibus bill, this is truly a bipartisan product and I urge my colleagues to support it."

Reports on the Reckless & Partisan Labor, HHS, Education Appropriations Bill, FY13

August 13, 2012

"The bill proposed by the chairman - when adjusted for inflation and population growth - would bring funding back to levels not seen since 2001…The bill is also loaded down with numerous controversial partisan riders that have no place on an appropriations bill. This is by far the most partisan appropriations bill we have seen this year and a stark departure from the bipartisan cooperation we’ve experienced up until this point." Full Committee Ranking Member, Rep. Norm Dicks

"The cuts to critical programs covering family planning, economic security, mental health, women’s health care and education—just to name a very few—are really just reckless and ought to be aired in public, not left to fester behind closed doors. Due to the Majority’s failure to hold a public full committee debate on the bill, many of these proposed cuts have gone unnoticed by the millions of Americans they would harm should they become law." Subcommittee Ranking Member, Rep. Rosa Delauro 


Norm Dicks Statement on the Indefinite Postponement of Labor, HHS, Education Full Committee Markup

July 23, 2012

"I had hoped that the Appropriations Committee would remain a safe haven from the partisan gridlock that has characterized this Congress.  I would remind my Republican colleagues that we are sent here by our constituents to get our work done and make the tough calls. There is simply no excuse for not holding a markup on this important bill."