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energyA strong and prosperous economy depends upon access to energy at reasonable prices, and with choices with our energy options we can also benefit from competitive prices. The federal government has made great strides to provide alternative energy sources, and I support having an array of options - renewables, solar, geothermal, domestic drilling and nuclear power. This doesn't negate the fact, however, that we remain oil dependent because it is needed to operate our cars and fuel our transportation needs. I remain troubled that policies exist that restrict development of our own oil reserves and prohibit new refineries from operating here at home. We can wean ourselves from our dependence on foreign oil, and in an environmentally sensitive way, but investors often won't touch these projects because of the cost and time to comply with federal regulations, which are constantly being tightened. We need to open our own resources, especially the outer continental shelf to drilling, while we also find other methods for fueling our transportation sector. We're making headway with electric and natural gas vehicles and alternative fuels through tax and other incentives, but we still have a ways to go.

I support efforts to ensure that power- and fuel-generating facilities operate using environmentally sound practices with top safety provisions in place. They should be subject to reasonable regulations based on sound science. Northeast Ohio is especially engaged in developing alternative energy for power generation, and through my position on the House Appropriations Committee I have supported the work of research organizations and new businesses with federal dollars for development of wind energy and fuel cells. Advances in these areas will not only benefit consumers, but they can lead to new manufacturing opportunities for businesses in Ohio.

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