Protecting Seniors

seniorsWe need to take steps to shore up Medicare and not use it as a slush-fund to pay for health care reform. We should allow the safe importation of prescription drugs from Canada, and also force the government to negotiate reduced drug prices for Medicare Part D, just as we do with drugs provided to veterans seeking health care. The purchasing power of seniors is massive and could dramatically reduce costs to taxpayers and seniors. I would like to repeal the secret deal the pharmaceutical companies struck that will let them gouge seniors until the end of time. And, we should close the doughnut hole as soon as we can; 2020 is not soon enough for those scraping by and having to choose between housing, heat or needed medication.

As for Social Security, we must preserve and protect this program that is a promised right for our seniors, both now and future generations. We can't keep writing IOUs to Social Security, and hope the stars align and everything works out fine. I do not believe privatization is the solution, and the Wall Street collapse in the fall of 2008 provided a frightening glimpse of what could have happened. I do not support increasing payroll taxes, or increasing the retirement age, and believe modest changes can be made to the system to address the solvency problem, but only if we can put aside out partisan swords and work for the betterment of our seniors.

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