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healthcare-childAbout 80 percent of all Americans, or about 130 million people, currently have health insurance through their workplace. I favor reforming health care, reining in costs and making insurance more affordable and available, but not at the expense of all those who already have and like their coverage. The new health care law costs and taxes too much, will break state and family budgets, and is especially harmful to seniors on Medicare and Medicare Advantage. It will tax and spend us into a hole from which we might never dig out. I could fully support a more reasoned approach, including: eliminating pre-existing conditions, providing portability so you can take your insurance from one job to the next, allowing insurance to be purchased across state lines, providing a greater emphasis on wellness and curbing lawsuit abuses that force doctors to over-test and practice defensive medicine.

I also remain very active in nursing issues, and remain co-chair of the House Nursing Caucus. I have worked to expand nursing programs at Lakeland and Cuyahoga community colleges, and continue to focus on the nursing shortage, mandatory overtime and increased funding for Nursing Workforce Development programs. I have been active in nursing issues since I was first elected, even though I've never been on the committees that manage most nursing issues. I was able to change federal law to guarantee that all VA nurses get a raise each year like all other federal workers.

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