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We have record deficits, crazed spending and staggering unemployment, especially in Ohio, where some 640,000 people are out of work. I realize that's a tough number to wrap your brain around, but picture a sold-out Cavs game and all those folks in the stands and imagine they're all without a job. Now, picture that sold-out crowd for 32 straight games and you can visualize the magnitude of the problem. It's horrifying.

Throughout my career I have worked tirelessly to implement policies that make it easier for businesses to keep and add jobs, largely through targeted tax relief and regulatory relief. I take a regional approach to governing because what happens in Cleveland certainly impacts the entire region. When Chrysler and GM got billions in government bailouts, I led the fight to save family-owned dealerships that play such a vital role in our communities. Thanks to an arbitration process I helped establish and make the law of the land, dealers that were dumped now have a chance to be reinstated and have their names and reputations restored. GM had so many dealers apply for arbitration that it voluntarily decided to reinstate 661 dealerships, saving about 50 jobs per dealership. I also led the fight to save more than 1,100 high-paying jobs at the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) office in Cleveland when the Pentagon wanted it closed. Not only did we prevail, but DFAS is expected to have 2,011 jobs in Cleveland by 2011.

I remain a huge proponent of infrastructure spending, since it generates good-paying jobs and spurs economic development. I generally favor buy-America provisions, and support prevailing wages on public projects. I spent 14 years on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and was able to direct hundreds of millions of dollars in road, bridge, transit and airport improvements in all corners of my district. Major infrastructure projects are proven job generators and spur economic development. For each $1 billion in infrastructure investment, 42,000 jobs are created. I loved my time on the Transportation Committee, but now I'm better positioned to direct spending to our region due to my position on the House Appropriations Committee, which determines how federal funds are spent. I don't believe bureaucrats in Washington or Columbus have better ideas than our local officials on the frontline.

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