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Throughout my years of public service, I have championed openness and transparency in government because I believe that the American people are in charge of our government and have a right to know what their government is doing.

One of my most important duties as a United States Representative is to represent the 14th Congressional District when I vote on issues considered by the full House of Represenatives. I encourage you to examine my record and share your thoughts on issues that are important to you. Your input will help me to better represent Northeast Ohio in the United States House of Representative.

There are a number of ways to examine my record, and that of the House as a whole:

Search listings of legislation that I have sponsored or cosponsored.

For a list of my current committee assignments and links to the committee web sites.

The Library of Congress maintains a comprehensive summary of all legislation. This service, known as "Thomas" includes the summary, status, and full text of all pending legislation and public laws. It is named in honor of Thomas Jefferson, who helped reconstruct the Library of Congress by selling most of his extensive personal library after the original was burned during the War of 1812 which nearly doubled the size of the original collection.  They also maintain a database of the roll call votes of Congress.

The Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives also maintains a comprehensive assortment of information including a detailed view of House floor proceedings for the current legislative day, and daily committee schedules.

I always encourage constituents to follow Congress on C-Span and in the news.

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