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steve-portraitSteve LaTourette has represented NE Ohio in the House of Representatives since 1995 and has earned a reputation as a solutions-oriented, common-sense legislator who does what's best for his district and the region. He has also proven time and again that doesn't shy away from a challenge. He has been the go-to person for transportation-related issues in the district and has brought tens of millions of federal dollars back to the district and region. He was an early and ferocious critic of TARP and the bank bailouts, his interest fueled by outrage that the Treasury denied TARP funds to help National City Bank and orchestrated its demise at a fire-sale price.

He fought to undo bank bonuses, to strip pork projects from the first stimulus bill (including tax breaks for toy wooden arrows and rum), and pressed for common-sense fixes, like making banks that received TARP funds document new lending. He encountered strong opposition from both the Bush and Obama Administrations. He led the charge to force GM and Chrysler, who had received more than $60 billion in bailouts, to help ousted dealers. His legislation led to an arbitration process so dealers can get their businesses back. With almost 1,600 dealers filing for arbitration, including about 1,100 from GM alone, GM voluntarily agreed to reinstate 661 dealerships, which translates to more than 6,000 jobs saved.

The Congressman's scrappy nature and willingness to roll up his sleeves to fight for NE Ohio also led him to go full-throttle against the Pentagon when it tried to close the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) in Cleveland as part of its base-closing process. Using the same meticulous research skills and tenacity that had made him Ohio's Prosecuting Attorney of the Year, he and his staff amassed irrefutable evidence that Cleveland DFAS landed on the closure list based on bogus data. His odds of overturning the Pentagon's wishes were just 10 percent, but he was relentless in his pursuit to expose flaws and save the jobs. His effort not saved 1,100 existing jobs, but he got a promise that jobs would grow to 1,500. Current estimates now show DFAS Cleveland will have 2,011 jobs by 2011.

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