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Committees and Caucuses

Committee Assignments

Congresswoman Hayworth serves on the following committee: 

House Committee on Financial Services


Caucus Memberships

In addition to her committee assignment, Congresswoman Hayworth is a member of a number of caucuses and task forces that help her better serve the people of the Hudson Valley:

Congressional Common Ground Caucus

Rep. Hayworth is co-chairing the Common Ground Caucus, a bipartisan forum for House colleagues with the purpose of building relationships with Members from across the aisle, in a social setting, with Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI). Hayworth will co-host various activities for members of the Common Ground Caucus intended to provide a venue for relationship building.

Congressional Job Creators Caucus

The permanent working group, which is open exclusively to those members of congress with experience as small business owners, intends to apply real-world job creating experience to the congressional legislative process through forums, white papers and most importantly, recommended legislative action.

Congressional Balanced Budget Amendment Caucus

Intended to develop and champion a measure that would constitutionally mandate a balanced federal budget. The bipartisan caucus will be dedicated to achieving passage of H.J. Res. 1, and to educating Members of Congress on the necessity and importance of the proposed amendment to the Constitution.

Congressional Military Family Caucus

The primary goal of the Congressional Military Family Caucus is to foster the interests of family members of the uniformed services by educating Members of Congress and their staff on the challenges that a military family faces on a daily basis, and to see that these concerns are properly identified, addressed, and resolved.

Congressional Taiwan Caucus

The Caucus focuses on U.S. policy toward Taiwan and hopes to provide the Administration with a perspective and advice on U.S.-Taiwan relations.

Congressional Caucus on Sudan

The mission of the newly formed Congressional Caucus on Sudan is to provide a forum for members to discuss the issues confronting Sudan and to identify ways to advance U.S. policy in the region.

National Guard and Reserve Components Caucus

The Reserve Components Caucus is a cohesive Congressional Members Organization (CMO), which serves as a forum for Congressional oversight and represents the Reserve Components of the United States military.

Congressional Cystic Fibrosis Caucus

This Caucus works to improve the quality of life for people with Cystic Fibrosis and advance public policies that address access to quality, affordable Cystic Fibrosis care. 

Balanced Budget Amendment Caucus

The bipartisan caucus will be dedicated to achieving passage of H.J. Res. 1, and to educating Members of Congress on the necessity and importance of the proposed amendment to the Constitution.

Congressional Constitutional Caucus

The Constitution Caucus provides and effective forum for education on constitutional principles and discussion on the appropriate limitations of congressional action.

Doctor’s Caucus

Using medical expertise and experience to shape and reform our nation’s health care system in a manner that puts patients and their well-being above all political aspirations and party lines.

Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues

Bi-partisan caucus of women in the 112th Congress who seek to raise awareness and promote women’s issues and advocate for non-partisan legislation.

House General Aviation Caucus

General Aviation (GA) Caucuses were formed to inform Members and staff about the importance of GA to the nation's economy and transportation system.

Army Caucus

The Caucus works to educate their fellow House Members on Army needs, and advocate for those needs in the House legislative process to ensure that the Army maintains and increases a close working relationship with Members from both sides of the aisle, to guarantee we have a thoroughly educated House as to all the needs of the U.S. Army.

Republican Israel Caucus

The Congressional Israel Caucus is dedicated to educating Members and staff on current events, administration policies and regional issues related to Israel.

Congressional Colombia Caucus

The Caucus will serve as an informal and bi-partisan forum dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the relationship between the United States and Colombia, an important U.S. ally in the Western Hemisphere.

Congressional Fire Services Caucus

The bipartisan Congressional Fire Services Caucus was founded in 1987 and is the largest caucus in Congress, with over 320 members. The purpose of the caucus is to bring members of Congress together to support legislation that benefits all first responders as well as local fire departments. 

Congressional Eating Disorders Caucus

The bipartisan Congressional Eating Disorders Caucus helps to increase national awareness about eating disorderes and support those who suffer by seeking to enhance prevention, facilitate therapeutic advances, and improve access to treatment.

Congressional Academic Medicine Caucus

The Congressional Academic Medicine Caucus is dedicated to promoting excellence in medical education and ensuring abundant training opportunities for the next generation of physicians. This bipartisan Caucus provides a forum for members to engage in a constructive dialogue about the challenges and opportunities surrounding graduate medical education in the United States.