Beginning in 2004, the Office of the Clerk authorized the first oral history program for the U.S. House of Representatives. The program reveals the rich heritage of the House to Members, staff, scholars, and the general public through detailed descriptions of legislative processes and procedures, personal and political anecdotes, and recollections about the evolving nature of the institution. Learn more about the project.


Search a list of individual interviews, and access audio and video clips, transcripts in HTML and PDF formats, interview abstracts, interviewee biographic profiles, and related images and artifacts. Interviewees include a wide variety of House employees: House Officers, Member aides, committee staff, support staff, family of Members, and select former Representatives. View All Interviewees.

View a documentary featuring former House Reading Clerk Irving Swanson remembering the U.S. declarations of war in 1941, accompanied by historical audio and video footage.

Historic Events

Explore an index of significant events in House history as recalled by interviewees on topics ranging from the Bonus March of 1932 to changes in Capitol security in the 20th century. View Historic Events.

Educational Resources

Utilize lesson plans, teaching tips, and educational resources designed to help teachers incorporate information from the oral history interviews in their classrooms. View Educational Resources.

Historical Highlights

Read about select House events featuring oral history interviewees in Historical Highlights.