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What is it?

Congressman John Larson announced the launch of a new manufacturing Job Match initiative on November 10, 2011. Designed to link qualified manufacturing job seekers to manufacturing companies with current job openings, the program was developed to make the connection between employers and candidates that offered specific skill sets. 

The CT Manufacturing Job Match Initiative is the collaborative efforts of Congressman Larson, the CT Department of Labor, CT Office of Workforce Competitiveness, CT Center for Advanced Technology, CCSU Institute of Technology & Business Development, CT Board of Regents for Higher Education, and Capital Workforce Partners. The partners have assembled a team of people to conduct the job matching, using a customized web-based registration software program.

The initiative was seen as a way to add value to the traditional job fair approach by focusing on specific jobs and by pre-screening job seekers interested in manufacturing positions. The end goal is to provide a pool of qualified job seekers for manufacturers to “speed interview” to determine if they are interested in inviting the candidate to submit an employment application or schedule a full interview at their company.

Those taking part in the initiative answered specific questions. Job seekers included work history, experience, education, and specific job knowledge while employers detailed what type of skills they needed and the jobs they needed to fill. The form was easy to follow and fill out, and was electronically emailed to the Job Matching Team.

For the pilot program, more than 380 individuals and nearly 60 manufacturers registered. Using the information collected, the database sorted job seeker information into various levels of manufacturing experience. Job seekers were then screened and pre-interviewed to confirm manufacturing skill sets and experience. 

Screened individuals with machining and comparable experience and skills were invited to the first Job Match event and met with manufacturers who had available job openings for CNC machinists, operators and engineering technicians. Job seekers were also offered the opportunity to participate in résumé writing and interviewing workshops, assess their current manufacturing skills, learn about training opportunities to upgrade their skills, and earn manufacturing credentials such as the National Career Readiness Certificate.  Currently, 13 job seekers attending the Job Match event have been offered employment.

Since it began, the CT Manufacturing Job Match has helped nearly 500 Connecticut job seekers try to further their careers in manufacturing.

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Job Match Process

The CT Manufacturing Job Match Initiative matches pre-screened ”job ready” job seekers with employers in a process that incorporates job seeker services such as pre-interviews, assessments and credentials and “speed interview events” focused on the hiring needs of manufacturers.

The Job Match Registration

An on-line registration/application for job seekers and manufacturers captures information about job titles that represent position held by job seekers (last 3 jobs) and vacancies to be filled by manufacturers. Open registration is on-going for both the job seekers and employers with job openings.


Information from online registrations/applications is exported into a database. Job seekers are sorted into tiers bases on whether they have manufacturing experience. Manufacturing vacancies identified by employers are sorted base on job title. Job seekers are also sorted based on job title for the last three manufacturing jobs held.   Reports generated by the database are key to the start of the pre-screening process and to assess employer demand for specific vacancies.


Job Titles/Job Families

Those applicants with manufacturing experience are sorted by last three job titles. Information gathered from the online application helps to further sort job seekers into Job Families. TheseJob Familiesare used to generate job match events and/or solicit regional support services.

Pre-Interview Screening

The pre-screening process contains 4 steps: (1) Develop manufacturing-related interview questions specific to each Job Family that will confirm a job seeker experience and competencies, (2) Train partner screeners on interview protocol , (3) Conduct interviews with job seekers and record information in database, and (4) Validate skills and experience related to the Job Family to determine if they are job-ready.

Tier One - Job Ready

If a job seeker’s skill and experience is validated through the screening process they are invited to participate in the next Job Match event, or, if no match event is scheduled, may be referred to specific manufacturers who have registered job openings.

Job Seeker Services

Support services are provided to all job seekers that have been designated as job-ready. Those services include interviewing assistance and mock interviews, resume preparation assistance, and the opportunity to earn credentials including the National Career Readiness Certificate or certificates and credentials offered through the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council for Certified Production Technician. The purpose of the support service menu is to provide the jobseeker with technical assistance that will enhance their job seeking skills and increase the opportunity for a successful job match. All of the support services have a specific manufacturing focus.

Job Match Event

The Job Match event brings together manufacturers with job openings and job seekers with skills and experience that align with those openings, based on information that is generated through the database. The event is planned around specific Job Families and is based on a “speed interview” process. The 10 minute speed interview provides an opportunity for employers to meet with pre-screened job seekers to determine their interest in the candidate. The goal of the Job Match event is for employers to either invite job seekers to complete a company job application or to schedule job seekers for a follow-up full interview at the company.

Prior to the event, employers receive an informational packet that provides them with a Fact Sheet for each participating job seeker that includes information from the original registration on work history, education, skills and experience and information from the pre-screening interview.

Regional Team Support

If a specific Job Match Event is not planned, the job-ready job seekers will work with the regional team to determine support services and, when appropriate, will be referred to manufacturers who have registered job openings that align with the job seekers skills and experience.

Tier Two - Skill Upgrade

Job seekers who lack certain skills and experience are assigned to Tier Two in two ways: (1) If a job seeker’s skill and experience IS NOT validated through the screening process they are eligible for Skill Upgrade Services; (2) If a job-ready candidate has not been offered a position because of a skills gap they are eligible for Skill Upgrade Services. Job seekers will be advised of education and training opportunities, including skill assessments, based on their specific skill upgrade needs and the available education and training resources in their area. Following completion of the skill upgrade, job seekers are re-directed to the Tier One Job Ready process.


Tier Three - Manufacturing Interest, no experience

If data from the job seeker’s online application indicates that they do not have manufacturing experience they will be eligible for services support and services that will assist them in educational and career choices.

Adult “Dream It Do It”

Job seeker will receive information about the manufacturing industry, manufacturing career opportunities, about career pathways and the alignment with education and training.


Assessments will be used to determine manufacturing aptitude and to assess the level of foundational skills necessary to pursue a career in manufacturing.

Academic and Experiential Education and Training

Services will be driven by regional resources, crossing regional boundaries if necessary to offer opportunities with I-Best programs, Key Train Curriculum, Adult Education, CT Technical High Schools, pre-manufacturing programs, internships, job shadowing, mentoring, and coaching.

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Photos / Video

On November 15, 2011 Congressman Larson discussed the Job Match and the importance of manufacturing to Connecticut and the entire United States.

More recently on March 2, 2012 Congressman Larson welcomed Assistant Secretary of Labor Jane Oates to Hartford for a forum on the Job Match in an effort to make the Connecticut program a pilot for the entire nation.

In The News

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Job seekers

Thomas, North Branford, CT – “I just wanted to say thank you for the Manufacturing Job Match Program. I took a position today with Flanagan Industries in Glastonbury, and will be starting on next Monday, January 16. I just wanted to personally thank the staff for all their efforts in helping me find a position with a viable company. I thought the process was very well put together and will definitely place manufacturers with the right people. I walked away with many callbacks and interviews but have chosen Flanagan Industries as my employer because they were the right match for me. Regarding the job fair, I thought it was personally a success, and I hope others have the same success in their job search. Thanks again.”

Lazlo “Laz” Gador, Windsor, CT – “Once more, my thanks to you all for your hard work, the vision, and going above and beyond the usual day. As a result, the two-day event went perfectly.”

Robert Daniele, Meriden, CT – “This is to inform you that I will not be attending the Connecticut Manufacturing Job Match job fair scheduled for January 5 in Wethersfield because I have secured a job starting January 3.”

Tom Ramadei, Wallingford, CT –Thank you for the work your team put in to make the job match such a positive experience.”

Michael Lockwood, Plainville, CT – “I would have never been able to do this on my own; this experience gave me the opportunity to be in front of many different employers with great companies that I did not even know were out there.”


Cheryl Derr, Integrity Manufacturing, Farmington, CT – “The process identified the core competencies and determined what the basic skills for a manufacturing position would be and created a pool of talent brought together in one place -- which as a small business we would never be able to do. After the Job Match we hired one of the applicants…the process has worked and helped get the skills to the employers.”


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