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Reid vs. Reid

In 2005, when Democrats were the minority party in the Senate, Senator Reid said breaking the rules to change the rules of the Senate was "un-American" and a "partisan political grab." Today, now that Democrats are in the majority, Senator Reid is singing a diff... Read More

Transaction Account Guarantee Bill

Today -- The Senate will convene at 10:00 AM and proceed to a period of Morning Business for 1 hour. The time will be equally divided, with the Majority controlling the first 30 minutes and the Republicans controlling the second 30 minutes. Following Morning Business, the... Read More


President Obama recently said the the goal of fiscal cliff negotiations "has to be jobs and growth." Yet, the president's latest tax and spend plan does just the opposite. In order to avert the fiscal cliff, Senate Republicans' plan includes stopping the small business ta... Read More

Weekly Republican Address
#ProtectYourVoice MT @SenOrrinHatch: Not just the minority who suffers from Democrats' efforts to limit debate. The American people suffer.
Hatch: "Simply is no crisis, no unprecedented abuse, that requires fundamental change in the rules and traditions of this body." #powergrab
Hatch: "While extended debate has long been annoying to majority, this majority ldr apparently believes any debate is annoying." #powergrab
"The majority pumps up the filibuster numbers by claiming that every cloture motion is evidence of a filibuster. They know that's not true."
After Four Years Of Trillion Dollar Deficits Democrats Want The Government To Spend Even More http://t.co/GevoHV8Z
.@SenJohnBarrasso: "Small businesses are going to be impacted by the change in the death tax in January." Could also hit 500K farms/ranches.
Leader McConnell: "We're going to find out this week whether the president is serious about cutting spending at all."
Senate Republicans are holding their weekly press availability in the Capitol right now.
Federal Spending Is Out Of Control http://t.co/GevoHV8Z #fiscalcliff
Senate Dems are threatening a #PowerGrab with the #NuclearOption. Learn how to #ProtectYourVoice http://t.co/BCcDbre1
Heading to @Heritage to discuss http://t.co/U6t8Rjwu & Leader Reid's threat to launch the #NuclearOption. Watch here: http://t.co/yjzTmZbs
The #NuclearOption threatens debate & compromise in the Senate. #ProtectYourVoice & stop Democrats' #PowerGrab. http://t.co/DbVuadKe
RT if you want Democrats to allow compromise & debate in the Senate. #ProtectYourVoice http://t.co/8Fn5K8pV #tcot
Don't miss --> Senate Republicans Launch "Stop The Nuclear Option" Website: http://t.co/8Fn5K8pV #ProtectYourVoice #tcot
The #Senate is in session. Find out what's happening today: http://t.co/Iaq62Wpn
In WSJ op-ed, @robportman rightly points out that even if all tax rates are extended, revenue returns to historical average (within 3 yrs).
.@SenJohnThune: "The president seems to have an obsession with raising taxes." VIDEO: http://t.co/FxOZfWN0 #tcot
Don't miss this morning's @WSJopinion op-ed by Senator @robportman : A Truly Balanced Approach to the Deficit http://t.co/acsh6ljw
Proud of my state as it marks its 195th birthday. Go, Mississippi! Keep rolling along: http://t.co/eo304OfO; @visitms: http://t.co/ilR0f1Jw
Pres. Obama's Tax Hike Would Leave Businesses 'With Less Money To Hire New Workers Or Keep The Ones They Have' http://t.co/BDRcn5tw
Obama Tax Hike Would Hurt Small Businesses http://t.co/BDRcn5tw
RT @StewSays: (AP) Surprise: New insurance fee in health overhaul law http://t.co/BUFyiN0M #Obamacare #HCR
The #Senate is in session. Find out what's happening today: http://t.co/wa0fI4Mm
New Survey Data Shows That 'Three In Four Voters Want To Cut Government Spending' http://t.co/mLZgYrcY
VIDEO: Sen. Reid debates himself on the merits of breaking the rules to change the rules of the Senate http://t.co/0U0wdIEL #PowerGrab #tcot
Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Spending Cuts http://t.co/mLZgYrcY
ICYMI: @marcorubio Delivers Weekly Republican Address (VIDEO) http://t.co/10r9R9W6 #FiscalCliff #tcot
Tune in tomorrow to watch me guest-host @SquawkCNBC from 8-9amET to discuss consequences of the looming #fiscalcliff.
@megynkelly featured in GOP Conference video highlighting Senator Reid's conflicting views RE: #NuclearOption http://t.co/myfy93x1
6,570 times. That's how many times the fed government would have to win last week's Powerball to finance our current spending. #idpol