Feinstein Civil Liberties Amendment Passes Senate

“The government experimented with indefinite detention of citizens during World War II, a mistake we now recognize as a betrayal of our core values. Now is the time to clarify U.S. law to state unequivocally: The government cannot—without trial or charge—indefinitely detain Americans and green card holders captured inside this country.” Click For More

Feinstein on California Gas Price Spike

As California commuters face record prices at the pump, Senator Feinstein is seeking an immediate investigation by the FTC into market irregularities. Click For More

Putting America Back to Work

A bill being drafted by Senator Feinstein cuts corporate taxes and incentivizes companies to bring jobs back to the United States and invest more in R&D. Click For More

Helping California Homeowners

Senator Feinstein introduced the Expanding Refinancing Opportunities Act to help more homeowners refinance their mortgages. California currently has the highest percentage of underwater loans. Click For More

Combating Illegal Border Tunnels

Feinstein law combats illegal tunnel activity and provides law enforcement and prosecutors the tools to locate tunnels, identify criminals and punish those involved in illegal activity. Click For More

Ensuring the Safety of America's Nuclear Power Plants

Senator Feinstein is dedicated to ensuring that nuclear power plants are designed to endure threats both predictable and unforeseen. Click For More

Committed to Banning Toxic BPA from Children’s Products

Senator Feinstein's plan would ban the synthetic chemical BPA in baby bottles, sippy cups, baby food and infant formula. BPA has been linked to cancer, cardiac disease, diabetes and early puberty. Click For More

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Making Health Insurance Affordable

Feinstein is working to block unreasonable hikes in the cost of health insurance.

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Overseeing U.S. Intelligence Community

As Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, Feinstein oversees critical national security agencies.

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Battling Breast Cancer

Feinstein supports the Breast Cancer Stamp, which she helped create in 1998.