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November 26, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 7:40 PM Link: In business I found that a challenging environment often produced our best opportunities. Perhaps that’s why I see the so-called “ fiscal cliff ” of year-end spending cuts and tax increases not as an impassable precipice but as our best opportunity to finally enact meaningful fiscal reform. I hear Washington watchers and people in the hallways of Congress saying there is not enough time to get this done this year. I disagree. The hard part has already been done. Over the past two years, the options for reaching a $4... [continue]

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Speaking on CNBC's "Squawk Box" about the fiscal cliff, Sen. Corker continued to call for a $4.5 trillion fiscal reform agreement before the end of the year but urged his colleagues to shift negotiations from revenue and to reforming Medicare and Social Security. "I think we haven't spent enough time dealing with the solutions that have to come in place. Have you guys seen any specifics as it relates to the entitlement reforms? I know that [I've] laid something out. But we really haven't conditioned the American people for that. And that's what's been missing in the debate. And that's what many Senate Republicans are saying right now. Hey, let's shift this debate over to entitlements," said Corker. View All Videos
Corker in the News
Nov 28th  –  Corker to Oppose TAG Extension, Says Time to End Unprecedented Government Support of Banking Industry
Nov 15th  –  Corker Says Negative Economic Value of FHA Demands Fundamental Housing Reform
Nov 11th  –  Corker Statement Honoring Veterans Day
Nov 9th  –  Corker Says Congress’s “Collective Energy” Should Be Focused on Negotiations Between President Obama and Speaker Boehner
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October 6, 2012 - At the Joint Training Center near Zarqa, Jordan, Corker meets with members of the Tennessee Army National Guard 181st Field Artillery.
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