Democratic Discharge Petition for Middle Class Tax Cut Bill

The message from the American people is loud and clear: extend the middle class tax cuts now. On December 4, Rep. Tim Walz (D-MN) filed a discharge petition that would force the House to vote on H.R. 15: the Middle Class Tax Cut Act introduced by Ways and Means Committee Democrats.
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eCall to Extend Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment benefits are a vital lifeline for American workers who are jobless through no fault of their own. These programs help Americans continue to put food on their table and pay their bills while they look for work.
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Fiscal Cliff: A Balanced Solution

Americans made clear on Election Day that they want a balanced solution to the nation’s deficit problems, one that involves asking the very wealthiest to contribute. The vast majority of Americans agree with Democrats and President Obama that we must end the upper-income tax cuts.
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Renewing Unemployment Insurance

Two Million Jobless Workers Will Lose Unemployment Insurance in Late December if Congress Fails to Renew Federal Benefits
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No Excuses Jobs Agenda

Ways and Means Committee Democrats have introduced a package of jobs bills within their No Excuses agenda to encourage Congressional Republicans to finally act to spur job growth. House Republicans have chosen to put politics ahead of the economy and the American people.
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