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Latest News

Michaud Statement on National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Dec 7, 2012 Press Release

BANGOR, ME – Congressman Mike Michaud, Ranking Member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, issued the following statement on today’s observance of National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Michaud will participate in a remembrance ceremony with the Veterans of Foreign Wars at the Kenduskeag Plaza in Bangor at noon today.

Michaud Named New Ranking Member of House Veterans’ Affairs Committee

Dec 5, 2012 Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Representative Mike Michaud (D-Maine) has been chosen by the House Democratic Caucus today to be the new Ranking Member of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee. The appointment becomes effective immediately due to the recent resignation of Representative Bob Filner (D-California).

Jamaican Lottery Scam Impacting Maine Seniors

Nov 29, 2012 Press Release

Michaud secures commitment from FTC to hold Maine forum on fraud and strategies to prevent it -- WASHINGTON, DC -- Today in his Washington office, Congressman Mike Michaud met with Mainers concerned about the ongoing Jamaican lottery scam that is victimizing Maine seniors and others throughout New England. Michaud met with representatives of FairPoint, Major Bill King of the York County Sheriff’s Department, and a victim’s representative. They discussed the need to raise awareness of the issue and what actions the federal government could take against the fraud.

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The Issues

Economy and Jobs

Dollar bills in front of US Flag

Although some indicators suggest the economy is improving, economic relief remains elusive for many Mainers. That’s why Mike has repeatedly called on the President and the Congress to push smart policies that center on job creation. He's working to push new ideas to create jobs, support Maine's industries, invest in transportation infrastructure and clean energy, help small businesses and manufacturers succeed, and reform Wall Street and oppose bailouts.


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Mainers are paying way too much to fill up their gas tanks and heat their homes. Find out what policies Mike is supporting to address high prices, promote domestic production, and save through efficiencies.

Addressing the National Debt

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During Mike's time in the Maine Legislature, he worked on a bipartisan basis to write balanced budgets. American families and small businesses balance their budgets and Mike feels strongly that the federal government needs to do the same.