Manchin Votes to Help Community Banks Lend More Money for Job Creation

Manchin voted to extend the Transaction Account Guarantee program, an effort that has widespread support from WV community banks as a proven way to encourage lending. Read More

Manchin Urges Additional Assistance for Sandy Recovery

Manchin asked for additional assistance from FEMA to help West Virginians recover from Superstorm Sandy in testimony submitted to the Senate Subcommittee on Homeland Security. Read More

Manchin Defense Measures Cut Wasteful Contracting, Protect Veterans’ Benefits and Get Troops Ou...

Senator Manchin was proud the defense authorization bill overwhelmingly passed in the Senate and successfully added 9 amendments to the bill. Read More

Manchin Statement on U.N. Disabilities Treaty

Manchin voted in favor of the U.N. Disabilities Treaty, a measure supported by both Republicans and Democrats. The resolution was defeated in the Senate in a 61-38 vote. Read More

Manchin Statement on Mining Tragedies in Greenbrier and Harrison Counties

Senator Manchin released a statement after learning about the mining tragedies that took place in Greenbrier and Harrison Counties. Read More
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  • Every Wednesday I look forward to meeting w WVians & discussing important issues while we drink coffee & eat pastries. Join me 12/12 @ 10am
  • Proud to stand with some of our nation's heroes at the Veterans Memorial in Charleston on the anniv. of Pearl Harbor
  • Honored 2 spend anniv of Pearl Harbor w vets who helped build this great nation @ opening of Roark-Sullivan Lifeway Ctr
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