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Congressman John T. Salazar, Third District of Colorado

Biography of Congressman John Salazar

“For me, the right choice is always the one that rings true with rural values – honoring personal sacrifices, keeping our commitment to working families, rewarding hard work, honesty, and integrity.  If we do not keep our promises, our words have no value.”

Congressman John Salazar is dedicated to defending rural values and ensuring that the government keeps its promises to the people. Now in his third term, Congressman Salazar comes to Congress after serving in the Colorado State Assembly, where he gained recognition for protecting rural water and leading the fight to defeat Referendum A.

A potato seed farmer and cattle rancher, Congressman Salazar is one of only a handful of active farmers in Congress, giving him a firsthand perspective on the issues that matter to America’s heartland. He seeks to always defend the interests of family farmers.  He is a former member of the House Committee on Agriculture, where he played a key role in passing the historical Farm Bill of 2008.

Raised on a farm where he shared a bedroom with five siblings, with no running water or electricity, Congressman Salazar understands what it means to count your pennies and work with a tight budget. He is an outspoken advocate for fiscal responsibility and will work to reduce the deficit, making sure that money is spent wisely and where it matters most.  He is a proud member of the fiscally conservative Democratic Blue Dog congressional coalition.

Congressman Salazar’s appointment to the powerful House Committee on Appropriations in the 111th Congress is a victory for Colorado.  Congressman Salazar sits on the Energy and Water Development Subcommittee and the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee, two areas of vast importance in his home state. 

As a veteran himself, Congressman Salazar is committed to directing resources towards meeting the promises our nation has made to veterans, servicemen, and their families. Congressman Salazar believes it is morally wrong to deny promised benefits to families who have lost their loved ones during the war.  He will carry on the work from his previously held seat on the House Committee on Veterans Affairs.

In the 109th and 110th Congresses, Congressman Salazar was the only Coloradan with a seat on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, where he was dedicated to making sure that rural Colorado received its fair share of federal tax dollars. In his first term, Congressman Salazar obtained approval for a record $52.5 million for highway development in the Third Congressional District.

Congressman Salazar and his wife, Mary Lou, have been married for thirty years. They have three sons: Jesus, Esteban and Miguel and one grandson: Charlie.


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