Clinton continues reckless policies in State of the Union address Print
FOR RELEASE: January 20, 1999

Clinton continues reckless policies 'State of the Union' highlights greatest threat to Social Security: big government

WASHINGTON, DC -- Being impeached by the House and facing the possibility of removal from office by the Senate did nothing to deter President Clinton from his continued embrace of reckless policies and programs, US Rep. Ron Paul said tonight.
"Once again we hear President Clinton telling us he wants to spend more and more on big government programs which are bankrupting the Republic. He hopes to bribe the American people into overlooking his crimes by spending ever-larger shares of their paychecks on big-government programs that sound good but simply don't work," said Rep. Paul. "This Administration is continuing to parrot the mantra 'Save Social Security,' yet the President wants more big government programs spending more money raided from the Social Security Trust Fund."
Rep. Paul introduced the Social Security Preservation Act of 1999 (HR 219) on the first day of the 106th Congress. His legislation would protect the trust fund from the decades-long practice of the federal government taking the Social Security funds and using them to bolster spending programs.
"The federal government is continuing to run an annual deficit of $140 billion, increasing the federal debt; we need to be cutting spending, cutting out wasteful, unconstitutional programs, and letting Americans simply keep their money."