Sen. Smith introduces companion to Paul's Kosovo measure Print
FOR RELEASE: February 24, 1999

Sen. Smith introduces companion to Paul's Kosovo measure Measures will stop Clinton from committing US troops to another war

WASHINGTON, DC -- US Senator Bob Smith (R, NH) announced on the Senate floor on Tuesday that he will soon introduce legislation to stop President Clinton's proposal to send US troops into Kosovo.
Senator Smith's legislation will mirror a similar measure introduced in the US House on Feb. 9. Rep. Paul's legislation, HR 647, has already garnered two dozen cosponsors.
Both measures prohibit President Clinton from committing troops to Kosovo without prior congressional approval.
"I'm proud that in addition to my colleagues in the House who have signed on as cosponsors of my legislation, that Mr. Smith stepped forward in the Senate to stop this unconstitutional action by the president," said Rep. Paul on Tuesday. "Too often in the past, presidents -- including Mr. Clinton -- have placed troops in harms' way without congressional approval. Suddenly, it becomes politically unpopular to vote against actions because administrations 'spin' such a vote as being anti-soldiers. In fact, the best support we can give our troops is to keep them out of meaningless, unconstitutional battles in the first place."
On the Senate floor, Mr. Smith said he has opposed participation in Bosnia, Haiti and similar operations, but that the proposed Kosovo mission was "the last straw."
"I don't believe there ought to be any troops in any sovereign nation unless there is a declaration of war, or at least a specific authorization by Congress," said Sen. Smith. "The recklessness with which this administration treats our men and women in uniform is shameful."
Both Rep. Paul and Sen. Smith have noted the administration's lack of goals and unfulfilled promises in ongoing military actions.
"The president promised our troops would be in Bosnia for less than six months; after three years, they are still not home -- with no end in sight," said Rep. Paul. "This president seems determined to spread our troops as thinly as possible, with no true missions or objectives, apparently in the hopes of creating a Vietnam-style legacy for his administration."
With Mr. Smith taking up the issue in the Senate, Rep. Paul said the likelihood of congressional action increases.
"The administration needs to be told in no uncertain terms that we will not tolerate his -- or any other president's -- continued usurpation of powers delegated to Congress in the Constitution by our Founding Fathers," said Rep. Paul.