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The House Chamber

Activities Outside the Chamber

Gallery visitors are sometimes surprised to find few Members in the House Chamber other than when they are voting, but attending floor proceedings is only part of a Member's work. A Member's daily schedule also includes consulting with other Members, administration officials, constituents, and other visitors as well as answering correspondence. However, most of a Member's time is devoted to committee work. There are 20 standing committees of the House, two select committees and four joint committees of Congress.

The daily schedule of committee meetings is published in the Congressional Record. A daily schedule of committee meetings can be found on the House web site. A more detailed listing of all committee meetings can be found on the Library of Congress' THOMAS service. Most meetings are open to the public. Members' personal offices and committee rooms are located in the House office buildings across Independence Avenue from the Capitol.

Photograph of Longworth House Office Building

Longworth House Office BuildingPhoto courtesy of the Architect of the Capitol

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