Paul Named #1 Tax Cutter in Congress Print

Paul Named #1 Tax Cutter in Congress

April 26, 2006      Washington, DC:  Human Events magazine, the respected insider publication for conservatives in Washington, has named Congressman Ron Paul the top tax cutter in the entire U.S. House of Representatives.

Congressman Paul ranked first among all 435 members of the House in a list compiled by the editors of Human Events, beating out 9 other conservatives based on his anti-tax voting record and pro-taxpayer legislative efforts. Paul is known both in Washington and the 14th district of Texas as an unwavering advocate for lower taxes, smaller government, and strict adherence to the Constitution.

Human Events summarized Mr. Paul’s ranking as follows:

“(Paul) is a co-sponsor… of a constitutional amendment to repeal the 16th amendment and end income, gift, and estate taxes.  Regularly pushes for tax cuts.  Sponsor of bills to allow tax credits for private school tuition, to permit tax deduction of college tuition, and to stop all taxation of Social Security benefits.  Opposes all unconstitutional spending programs.”