Opposing Supplemental Spending for Kosovo operation PDF Print E-mail
FOR RELEASE: May 6, 1999

Statement on opposing Supplemental Spending for Kosovo operation

"Once again the US House of Representatives is proving itself before the American people to be a place where inconsistency runs rampant. Just a week ago this House voted against a declaration of war, did not support the current air war and any ground war in Yugoslavia, and yet today Members of Congress were asked to provide this president extravagant funding to pay for those very efforts.
"Some make the claim that one has to support outrageous funding boondoggles like this in order to 'support our troops.' It suggests that the way one supports soldiers is by placing them in a situation where they do not belong. That is senseless. It is like suggesting that if someone in our charge has stepped into quicksand, that we allow him to keep walking forward, rather than to step back and find a different route.
"The president and his supporters in Congress did not, apparently, have the courage to simply ask for an up or down vote on funding for this illegal and immoral war being pursued by NATO. They have instead included so many extras, without direct bearing on the 'emergency' at hand, so as to confuse and confound.
"Our nation does indeed need a strong defense, and our brave soldiers must be supported, but scattering our troops across the world to fight pointless battles only weakens defense and endangers our troops. At the same time, we have allowed China to steal our most sensitive nuclear secrets.
"By giving this president twice what he asked for to pursue an unconstitutional war and ill-advised foreign policy, Congress is unconscionably endorsing his actions and leadership, while watching our national defense sink even further."