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FOR RELEASE: October 29, 1999

Paul Among Most Effective Congressional Quarterly Highlights How He "Does the Job" of Congressman

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressional Quarterly magazine has announced its issue featuring the first ever "CQ 50." The magazine chronicles 50 of the most effective members of Congress, and included in that list is Representative Ron Paul. The list includes just fifty Members of Congress, both from the US Senate and the House of Representatives.
In the story entitled, "50 Ways To Do the Job of Congressman," the magazine notes Paul's effective advocacy of a strict interpretation of the Constitution and his consistent application of that standard through his votes on the House floor.
"When CQ first contacted my offices some time back saying I would be named one of the 50 most effective legislators in Congress, I was obviously pleased to be recognized by this important institution. It is indeed gratifying to be honored in this way. It is sometimes difficult to take a strong and principled stand in light of how Washington operates, but I think my being included in this list goes to show that a person can stick to his principles and still have an effect on the direction of the country," Paul said.
Over the past year, Paul has had a number of significant legislative accomplishments; he introduced legislation to take away regulatory authority for the Know Your Customer regulation (the regulation was later rescinded). Paul also introduced amendments to end the pursuit of a National Identification card as well as to ban federal teacher tests, both of which successfully made their way into federal law.
Paul has also introduced and cosponsored numerous bills aimed at reducing federal taxes. His tax reduction efforts have been aimed at parents and educators, senior citizens, agricultural producers, health care consumers and public safety personnel. And the first bill Paul introduced this Congress was the Social Security Preservation Act, calling for all Social Security receipts to be kept in a separate fund so that they might not be used for other spending.
Commenting on his goals for the remainder of this Congress, Paul continued, "I start every day the same. I do the very best I can to represent the people of the 14th District, to look after their interests and help them with the problems they have with their federal government. It is also my priority to keep the pledges I made to them when I sought this office, namely, to keep my oath to uphold the constitution of the United States and to protect their rights and liberties as well as America's national sovereignty."
Paul said he would continue to advance this agenda throughout his tenure in the House.