Congressman Paul Introduces Bills to Help the Unemployed Print
For Immediate Release March 5, 2009
Congressman Paul Introduces Bills to Help the Unemployed

Washington, D.C. - Congressman Paul has introduced two pieces of legislation to help the increasing number of Americans who have lost their jobs.

HR 1311- the Unemployment Assistance Act, allows the unemployed to make penalty-free withdrawals from accounts such as Roth IRAs or 401(K)s, to cover routine living expenses, health care expenses, or to help pay for education and job training. Those who make these penalty-free withdrawals while unemployed will be able to replenish their accounts once they have started a new job. 

HR 1312-- the Unemployed Tax Relief Act, makes a laid-off worker’s last paycheck tax free. 

He urged support of these bills saying, “While we may disagree on the best solutions to the economic crisis gripping the nation, I hope my colleagues will at least agree on these common-sense measures and cosponsor the Unemployed Tax Relief Act and the Unemployment Assistance Act.”