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Senate Vice Presidential Bust Collection

A mainstay of the Senate’s fine art is the Vice Presidential Bust Collection. The Joint Committee on the Library, acting under a resolution of May 13, 1886, began commissioning busts of the vice presidents to occupy the niches in the new Senate Chamber. After the first busts filled the 20 niches that surround the Chamber, new additions were placed throughout the Senate wing of the Capitol. The collection chronicles the individuals who have served as vice president and pays tribute to their role as president of the Senate. It also provides a unique survey of American sculpture from the 19th century to the present.

The initial five commissions included busts of the first two vice presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, and three former vice presidents then living, Hannibal Hamlin, William Wheeler, and Chester A. Arthur. As directed by the resolution of 1886, additional representations were added to the collection until the twenty existing gallery niches in the Senate chamber had been filled. The original resolution was amended on January 6, 1898, in order to provide for placement of additional vice presidential busts throughout the Senate wing of the Capitol.

The Vice Presidential Bust Collection contains works by such premier American artists as Daniel Chester French, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Franklin Simmons, and James Earle Fraser.

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John Adams by Daniel Chester French
John Adams
John Adams by Daniel Chester French
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson by Moses Jacob Ezekiel
Thomas Jefferson
Aaron Burr by Jacques Jouvenal
Aaron Burr
George Clinton by Vittorio A. Ciani
George Clinton
Elbridge Gerry by Herbert Samuel Adams
Elbridge Gerry
Daniel D. Tompkins by Charles Henry Niehaus
Daniel D. Tompkins
John C. Calhoun by Theodore Augustus Mills
John C. Calhoun
Martin Van Buren by Ulric Stonewall Jackson Dunbar
Martin Van Buren
Richard M. Johnson by James Paxton Voorhees
Richard M. Johnson
John Tyler by William C. McCauslen
John Tyler
George M. Dallas by Henry Jackson Ellicott
George M. Dallas
Millard Fillmore by Robert Cushing
Millard Fillmore
William R. King by William C. McCauslen
William R. King
John C. Breckinridge by James Paxton Voorhees
John C. Breckinridge
Hannibal Hamlin by Franklin Bachelder Simmons
Hannibal Hamlin
Andrew Johnson by William C. McCauslen
Andrew Johnson
Schuyler Colfax by Frances Murphy Goodwin
Schuyler Colfax
Henry Wilson by Daniel Chester French
Henry Wilson
William A. Wheeler by Edward Clark Potter
William A. Wheeler
Chester A. Arthur by Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Chester A. Arthur
Thomas A. Hendricks by Ulric Stonewall Jackson Dunbar
Thomas A. Hendricks
Levi P. Morton by Frank Edwin Elwell
Levi P. Morton
Adlai E. Stevenson by Franklin Bachelder Simmons
Adlai E. Stevenson
Garret Augustus Hobart by Frank Edwin Elwell
Garret Augustus Hobart
Theodore Roosevelt by James Earle Fraser
Theodore Roosevelt
Charles W. Fairbanks by Franklin Bachelder Simmons
Charles W. Fairbanks
James S. Sherman by Bessie Onahotema Potter Vonnoh
James S. Sherman
Thomas R. Marshall by Moses A. Wainer Dykaar
Thomas R. Marshall
Calvin Coolidge by Moses A. Wainer Dykaar
Calvin Coolidge
Charles G. Dawes by Jo Davidson
Charles G. Dawes
Charles Curtis by Moses A. Wainer Dykaar
Charles Curtis
John Nance Garner by James Earle Fraser
John Nance Garner
Henry A. Wallace by Jo Davidson
Henry A. Wallace
Harry S. Truman by Charles Keck
Harry S. Truman
Alben W. Barkley by Kalervo Kallio
Alben W. Barkley
Richard M. Nixon by Gualberto Rocchi
Richard M. Nixon
Lyndon B. Johnson by JIMILU mason
Lyndon B. Johnson
Hubert H. Humphrey, Jr. by Walker Kirtland Hancock
Hubert H.Humphrey, Jr.
Gerald R. Ford by Walker Kirtland Hancock
Gerald R. Ford
Nelson A. Rockefeller by John Calabró
Nelson A. Rockefeller
Walter F. Mondale by Judson R. Nelson
Walter F. Mondale
George H.W. Bush by Walker Kirtland Hancock
George H.W. Bush
Spiro T. Agnew by William Frederick Behrends
Spiro T. Agnew
J. Danforth Quayle by Frederick E. Hart
J. Danforth Quayle