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Resolution No. 51, 1865 Kentucky Acts 145
January 11, 1865
(Original courtesy of the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives)

No. 51
Resolution in relation to a portrait of Henry Clay. Resolved by the General Assembly
of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 1. That J.J. Landram, J. Kemp Goodloe, Wm. H. Grainger,
James F. Robinson, and B.H. Bristow, be and they are hereby authorized to contract
with some competent artist for a life-size portrait of Henry Clay to be placed
in the Senate Chamber. 2. It shall be the duty of the Auditor to draw his
warrant on the Treasury in favor of said Landram, Goodloe, Grainger, Robin-
son and Bristow for such sum as may be expended by them in procuring
said likeness, including frame, when the portrait above named shall be approved
by the Governor or such persons as he may direct to inspect the same.

[Signed Speaker of the House of Representatives and Speaker of the Senate Pro Tem]
Approved January 11th 1865
[Signed Thos. E. Bramlette, Governor]