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Roll call votes occur when a representative or senator votes "yea" or "nay," so that the names of members voting on each side are recorded. A voice vote is a vote in which those in favor or against a measure say "yea" or "nay," respectively, without the names or tallies of members voting on each side being recorded.

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        Senate Roll Call Votes by Year
            2010   2009   2008   2007   2006   2005   2004   2003   2002   2001   2000   1999   1998   1997   1996   1995   1994   1993   1992   1991   1990   1989
        Cloture Votes listed by Congress   What is Cloture?
        Senate Action on Cloture Motions
        Tiebreaking Votes   1988-present   1789-2003 (pdf)
            Vote Override Procedure in the House and the Senate (pdf)
            Constitutional Authority: Article I, section 3

Other Voting Statistics

            Senators Casting 10,000 or More Votes
            Most Consecutive Votes

Voting Process

    Senate Rules   Rule XII


            Voting in the Senate: Forms and Requirements (pdf)
            Voting and Quorum Procedures in the Senate (pdf)

Historic Votes

             The Senate Votes on a Presidential Impeachment (Pres. Andrew Johnson) May 16, 1868
             The Great Senate Deadlock of 1881
            A Dramatic Tie-breaker (Arthur) Mar 18, 1881
            A Vote for Women Sep 30, 1918
            Civil Rights Filibuster Ended Jun. 10, 1964

Voting in the House

        Roll Call Votes
        House Voting Procedure

Glossary and Definitions

   Proxy voting   Roll call vote   Unanimous consent   Unanimous consent agreement   Veto override vote   Voice vote   Yeas and nays

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