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The Form Complete process performs three important functions to prepare your form for electronic filing:

      Validation – Document entries are checked for compliance with filing requirements and ensures that fields are completed correctly;

      Form Preparation – Blank pages and editing buttons are removed so that the document can be printed and submitted electronically;

      Filing – Displays the Password field and File with Congress button so that you can submit your form electronically.

To prepare your forms for filing:

      Click the Form Complete button;

A validation process is initiated that checks the required entries on your form for errors.

If there are errors in your form, they are displayed in a message and highlighted in yellow on your form;

      Click the OK button.  Your cursor will be returned to the first field that needs to be corrected.  Correct all of the invalid fields on your form;

      Click the Form Complete button again.  You may repeat this process until all the entries have been corrected.

When there are no errors in your form a message is displayed that validation was successful;

      Click the Yes button:

A message is displayed asking you if you want to print your form;

      Click Yes to print the form and continue, or click No to continue without printing;

All blank pages, labels, and editing buttons are removed and a message is displayed asking if you want to print the form.  At this point, blank pages cannot be re-inserted but you can edit existing pages if you are not ready to file your form;

NOTE:  If you are using Adobe Reader 7.x, blank pages are not deleted.  DO NOT DELETE THEM MANUALLY.  Your form can still be filed electronically.

A final message is displayed asking you if you are ready to file your form;

      Click No if you want to return to the form;

      Click Yes to continue;

The password field and filing button is displayed;

      Save the form and close Adobe Reader.

You are now ready to file your form with the House and Senate.