Completing Forms

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To complete your forms:

      Locate the form you want to work with;

      Double click on the form name to open it in Adobe Reader, and;

      Complete the fields for each page by:

      Clicking on text fields and typing the information:

Note:  You may also copy and paste material from other documents into text fields

      Selecting options from a checkbox by left clicking on the box, and;

      Selecting values from pull down lists by left clicking on the menu;

To move to the next field, press the tab key or click on the field with your mouse.  In some cases, your selection may control the movement of the cursor to the next appropriate field.

It is recommended that you use the Form Complete process to validate your form when it is complete to ensure that all required fields are completed.

See Appendices for line by line instructions to complete the LD-1 and LD-2 forms